Distance & Online Education

SIPL - An Associate study center (e-Campus) of Times Institute of Management & Technical Studies (TIMTS) was established in pursuance with the motto of increasing the role of private participation in the Education sector. The Management at TIMTS brings in the expertise of successfully running the educational group. Fortunate to be led by some of the best minds in the fields of Education and Technology,

Skill India Mission

Sintel Infotech Private Limited (SIPL) is a leading organization in skill development & vocational training landscape, building skill manpower pool for industry requirements. The company is also one of the largest skills provider offering training in following sectors IT, Garment, Beauty, Retail , Apparel, Logistics ,Telecom, and service sector. Good qualification lead to better placement & for having.

Manpower Placement

Professional Staffing, Permanent Hiring Model
In the Professional Staffing model, Sintel takes the candidate on its own pay roll and the candidate works for the client for a specific pre-decided time period, at their site, on some project/projects, however is on Sintel's pay rolls from day one. After the completion of the project,