Sintel Academy is a leading organization in skill development & vocational training landscape, building skill manpower pool for industry requirements. The company is also one of the
largest skills provider offering training in following sectors IT, Garment, Beauty, Retail , Logistics ,Telecom, and service sector. Good qualification lead to better placement & for having better placement, students should have the ability to procure placements. The Govt. has made considerable efforts to enhance the skill of Youth to shorten the gap between
demand & supply of skilled workforce. In our country a big part of population is underemployed or unemployed & industry is facing shortage of skilled Labour.
Henceforth, SIPL is a unique platform which serves to utilize the skill of youth in a productive manner for their better future & is making efforts to provide training To EDUCATED as
well as UNEDUCATED youth to upgrade their skills & get better employment opportunities’ so that they can sustain their lives.
At SIPL, we believe that our responsibility is not limited to Training .Its scope is much wide. We provide various Scholarships & organise free seminars to boost the enthusiasm
of Youth. We try to be ethical & honest in all our interactions with our Trainees, Partners as well as employees. We are continuously trying to make better changes over the years & as
the saying goes “NONE OF US CAN CHANGE OUR YESTERDAY, BUT ALL OF US CAN CHANGE OUR TOMORROW.” We endeavour to bring this change positively for empowering a new Generation.


After giving a great deal of thought to many problems existing in our country, we can say education is the prominent one. It is true that Education can’t be a solution to all the
problems but it definitely can provide solutions to many serious problems operative in our country which are faced by us today. As far as education is concerned, a great disparity
exists. There is handful of children going to Elite Schools, but on the contrary, we have a large number of youngsters who are’nt getting basic education even. If by chance they end
up getting into basic educational institution, they dropout from them sooner or later.

So the only way to break this cycle is to provide Quality education to the underprivileged.

Sintel Academy is proud to provide quality education & training to different sections of society which mainly comprises of youngsters, so that, they can easily sustain their lives. To
impart the skills, we work along with different sectors & several Govt. agencies like NSDC, MOT, AMHSSC, RASCI, TSSC and NASCOM. We have about 4 training centers in the
country, through which around 2000 students have successfully got trained & are working stupendously in the respective industries.
We are Skill development training provider for the benefit the youth of our society. A few highlights of the programme are:>

  • Providing Training through impressive and informative programmes
  • Better Career Counselling
  • Better JOB opportunities
  • Providing Excellent training to train the people so that they can get success.